2011 Reves Recipients

Allison Baechler – Woodrow Wilson Center
Eva Baker – NATO Brussels
Nicholas Bell – NATO Brussels
Ryan Blackwell – Woodrow Wilson Center
Jacob Brody – Embassy of Spain
Mayssa Chehata – Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization
Isabelle Cohen – Chennai Centre for Microfinance
Madeleine DeSimone – Embassy of Spain
Rachel Eilbott – Embassy of France
Andrea Gregory – US DOJ Rabat
Elizabeth Hennemuth – Embassy of Spain
Kaci Kennedy – Asia Society, DC branch
Elizabeth Keppel – Le Esperanza Granada
Peter Klicker – NATO Brussels
Dylan Murray – BlueGreen Alliance
Abdullah Noor – Bangladesh Initiative for Right View
Sneha Raghaven – Industrial Initiatives Group
Vivian Smith – Supporting Kids in Peru
Austin Strange – China Maritime Studies Ins., US Naval War College

Summer Interns

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