18 August 2011

Inside Edition: Interning for Congressman Hurt

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As the summer comes to a close, I decided to think back about all the awesome stuff I have done as part of my internship. In this blog I want to talk about some of those things!

Tele-Town Hall Meeting: In July I was able to participate in a “Tele-Town Hall Meeting.” This is a great tool for Congressmen who are stuck in DC for periods of time to reach out to their constituents. A computer automated program calls phone numbers from people in a certain part of the district and they are able to listen from their homes as others ask questions to the Congressman. It was amazing to me how many people we could reach in that one hour on a Thursday night that may not have been able to attend an actual town hall meeting in the district.

Projects: This summer I worked with the staff as well as the other interns in the office on a number of projects. For one such project the other interns and I were put in charge of compiling spreadsheets that listed key people, organizations, businesses, and events in the district. These spreadsheets are now used by the Congressman as an outreach tool for times he’s in the district. It is rewarding to me to know that something I worked on is able to directly help Mr. Hurt.

I have also been working with the staff in our office on constituent case work. The information I deal with is confidential and can sometimes be sensitive, which at times can be difficult to work through. Overall it’s been very interesting to see firsthand the relationship between normal people and the federal government, as well as congressional staff and the government.

District Work Week: Since the last time I wrote I’ve had the chance to meet Mr. Hurt! While the House is out of session on district work period, Congressman Hurt has been out in the district. I got to attend a dinner at a local restaurant where Mr. Hurt spoke to constituents dining there and allowed for an open discussion about issues people have with the federal government. It was awesome to see him up close in action as he listened to concerns from people in the area on everything from the upcoming GOP presidential race to highway construction in the area.

Overall working for Congressman Hurt this summer has been a rewarding experience. I’ll miss the protesters, endless phone calls about the debt ceiling, and smiles on the people’s faces that we’re able to help out, but I am thankful for the opportunity and look forward to starting my senior year!

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njreck13 Says:

19 August 2011 at 9:17 am.

Mad respect to the district office. I’ve forward far too many calls to count from Barney Frank’s DC Office to the district office in Newton. You guys get the hard stuff.

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