23 August 2011

My Summer Internship- Part 1

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Hey! My name is Chris D’Alessio. I’m a rising senior Government and History major at the College. This summer, I interned for a member of Congress. I’ll be blogging about how I got my internship and everyday life as an intern in Washington.

I think it’s probably best to start with how I got my summer internship in Washington. During the spring semester, I participated in the William and Mary in Washington Program, which was a great experience. For somebody interested in politics, there is no better city to live in than Washington. After only a few weeks in Washington, I knew that I would like to find a way to stay in Washington and intern for the summer. I was particularly interested in the possibility of interning with a member of Congress.

In early March, I began applying for internships on the Hill. I quickly learned that members of Congress typically have a section on their website where they list both the requirements for applying to intern with their office and the application deadlines. Most of the applications asked for resumes, cover letters, and a college writing sample, or an essay about why you wanted to intern on the Hill. In the end, I submitted about five applications to different members of Congress.

After I submitted my applications, one of the offices asked to interview me. Because I was already in Washington for the semester, I was able to do the interview in person, as opposed to over the phone. A few days after the interview, the office offered me a position for the summer. I was really excited and quickly accepted.

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