24 August 2011

Closing Remarks

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It seems like just yesterday the summer was starting and I was nervous for my first day as an intern, now its the eve of the first day of classes (senior year-eek!) and I can finally look back at all the knowledge I gained this summer. Although I learned a lot about the world of politics in a congressional district office, the lesson that stuck with me is one I also learned on the first day of kindergarten: Being nice to others in life can get you a long ways.

Working with the staff at Congressman Hurt’s office allowed me to see first hand how difficult and confusing dealing with the federal government can be  for ordinary citizens. The time and help provided by the district office staff, made situations that were often sticky, much better for those involved. I learned through listening to endless phone calls to the Veterans Administration and Social Security Administration, that being nice gets you an answer quicker, which in return means happier constituents.

I don’t want it to seem like I learned nothing about actual politics because in fact, I learned a great deal in only 3 months. I had to keep constantly informed on what was going on in the House at the time to be able to answer questions from phone calls. I also learned a lot about the relationships the Congressman has to form in the district to make sure he is best serving the district as well as to  make sure he is reelected next fall.

This internship did accomplish one major goal I hoped it would. I wanted to work in the real world so I could begin thinking about a job after college. The office staff gave me tons of advice on the best way to go about getting a job, the right people to connect with, and possible jobs that match my interests.

I know I’ve said it before but I want to reiterate that I am gracious to the donors of Irwin Taylor Scholarship for making this opportunity a reality for me. Now as we begin another semester it’s time to see what I can apply from my summer experience!



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