24 August 2011

Leaving the Capital

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Since returning to Williamsburg, I keep being asked, “How was your summer?”  Without hesitation, I always reply, “It was incredible.” I truly enjoyed living and interning in Washington, D.C. and I have learned so much from the experience.

For one, the summer taught me that anything is possible, as long as you try, try, and try again.  I know it sounds cliche, but spending my summer as an intern in the capital was, at first, just a distant goal.  Only after sending applications, completing phone interviews, finding funding, and searching for an apartment did my dream of summer in D.C. come true.

I also learned from coworkers’ advice.  Almost every person I worked with had an opinion on when someone should attend law school. I appreciated when they would stop by my desk and tell me what they thought.  I listened and learned from each one of their stories. Each piece of advice did not give me a definite answer on when, and even if, I should attend law school.  However, their advice did cause me to think critically about my future and what I want to do in the coming years.

It goes without saying that I learned many academic things, too.  I learned a lot about religious liberties and the case law that protects them.  I also learned about legal procedure.  I read briefs and opinions.  I sat in on conference calls.  I attended meetings.  And, each little piece showed me how lawyers work to prepare for cases.

As I begin the Fall semester at William and Mary, I hope to use both the practical and personal experience I gained this summer.

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