1 September 2011

A New Beginning

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Hello, my name is Rachel Brooks. I am a sophomore at the College and a native of Virginia Beach, VA. I wanted to work for a politician this summer, but I did not want to travel too far away from home for monetary reasons. This summer, I interned at the district office of a State Senator, which was relatively close to my house and a fantastic experience.

I originally heard about the opportunity through one of my mom’s good friends who is active in local politics and women’s clubs, and I decided to apply. I filled out the application and included my resume. The legislative aide contacted me and scheduled a phone interview during finals weeks. Needless to say, the combination of exams and an interview in the same week was rather stressful. After the interview, I sent a follow-up thank you email and continued to communicate with the legislative aide.

When I received word that I got the internship and earned a scholarship from William and Mary, I was elated. While this was clearly a wonderful opportunity, I was a little worried about spending so much time working on an unpaid endeavor, so the scholarship definitely helped put me at ease.

There were only two interns for the summer, and both of us go to William and Mary. Additionally, the legislative aide who oversaw us attended William and Mary. Also, some people who have come to speak with the campaign manager or set up appointments have been W&M graduates. I have been able to make a number of connections and gain insight into government.

I am so appreciative for my internship and for the financial support from William and Mary. The generous donors made it possible for me to gain valuable experience in politics this summer.

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cmdowns Says:

2 September 2011 at 2:29 am.

That’s great that there is a strong alumni base. I’ve also always believed that family and friends are some of the best resources for learning about job opportunities because they are the people who want to help you the most. They also will tell you what they think of the organization in complete honesty which can help you decide on what career path you want to take.

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