1 September 2011

Excellent Experience

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Hi there,

My internship with a State Senator helped me understand the integral undertakings of a district office and how many tasks must be completed on a daily basis. Since there are only two interns, I am constantly learning new skills or doing a wide array of assignments.

I used campaign software to do research on issues and politicians, search various databases, create spreadsheets, and organize information. I have written and mailed dozens of condolence letters to families who recently lost loved ones. It seems rather impersonal writing countless letters of sympathy, but some of the people who received condolence letters sent thank you notes to express their appreciation.

Throughout the summer, I contacted countless people through email, phone, letters, and face-to-face conversations. I scheduled appointments and created agendas on a regular basis in the office. I developed better analytical and research skills by working with specialized software programs and managing fundraising efforts. This opportunity challenged me to take on various roles and adapt to countless situations. I better understand the fundamentals of fundraising and networking.

One of my favorite opportunities this summer was working with community partners to organize events. I was able to help set up and attend a fundraising event for a presidential candidate. I checked in guests, distributed papers, and completed miscellaneous tasks. I am so thankful for opportunities like this. I gained valuable experience working on assorted aspects of a political campaign.

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