2011 Irwin and Taylor Recipients

Rachel Brooks – State Senator Jeff McWater’s office
Alison Courtney – US DOE
Maegan Crews – Congressman Robert Hurt’s office
Christopher D’Alessio – Congressman’s office
Teresa DeAtley – Department of Health
Christopher Downs – Institute for Community Policy Studies
Robert Greene – Governor Robert McDonnell’s office
Ani-Rae Lovell – Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Emma Merrill – Jane Goodall Foundation
Jill Olszewski – US DOJ
Nick Reck – Senator John Kerry’s office
Vanessa Remmers – Talk Radio News Service
Will Shimer – Stimson Center
William Smith – Congressman Joe Lieberman’s office
Colin Smolinsky – Congressman Rob Whittman’s office
Mobashra Tazamal – VDOT
Elsa Voytas – Truman National Security Project

Summer Interns

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